Account and Finance Guidelines

Package Plans

All groups registered to attend the Busch Gardens Choral Festival must select from one of the following package plans:

  • Festival Adjudication, One Day Admission to Park - Student
  • One Day Admission to Park – Adult
  • Season Pass Holder

Each person performing in and/or attending the Busch Gardens Choral Festival will need a general admission ticket to enter the park. Tickets will be scanned prior to entering the park for the performance. If you plan on exiting, please make sure to get your hand stamped at the exit to ensure re-entry.

Complimentary Packages

Free Chaperone Package: One Free Chaperone is awarded for every 25 tickets purchased. Students utilizing season passes and meal coupons are not counted in this total.

Payment Schedule

If you are working with an outside travel planner, please refer to their information for payment guidelines.

  • Your payment is due 30 days before your festival. You will receive reminder emails when this invoice is due.

Any account that has not made any payments by the final payment deadline may be canceled, and their groups will be removed from the performance schedule.

Payment Methods

The Busch Gardens Choral Festival will accept the following forms of payment:

  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

We DO NOT consider Purchase Orders a form of payment.
All payments must be made in US Currency.

Invoices are available 24 hours a day by logging into your Festivals Edge Account.

Returned Checks

There is a $20.00 penalty for all returned checks.

If a personal check issued by a parent affiliated with your organization is returned for any reason, your group will be held responsible for the $20.00 fee.