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The best advocacy tool for your music program

A Busch Gardens Choral Festival  event can help introduce and reinforce concepts that you can use throughout the school year.

This is an opportunity for your music program to receive an assessment and constructive suggestions from an outside panel of experienced instrumental and choral educators. These master teachers evaluate hundreds of ensembles, giving them an unique perspective. Whether presenting a new concept or reinforcing the basics you instruct every day, this feedback can have an impact on the musical growth of your students.

The visibilty of a festival performance promotes the importance of music education in your community.

Advocacy is increasingly vital to the life of the school music programs.  The recognition award earned from a festival performance is a positive representation of the value your community places on music education.

Preparing for the Busch Gardens Choral Festival enhances student motivation and retention.

Along with achieving your educational goals, a festival performance can provide motivation to your students for musical growth beyond the school choral room. A festival trip is a reward that also helps with recruitment and retention in your program.